2009: My Year in Music

Avocations? I like to garden. I like to listen to music. Sometimes I write about my experiences. An expert I’m not. But I know something about growing tomatoes and appreciating music.  On the last count,  I’ve been summing up my concert experiences annually for the Isthmus website,The DailyPage.com. Here are my accounts of the previous three  years:




The 2009 reports begins:

My life has a soundtrack. It has had one since my college days 40 years ago. An orchestra doesn’t shadow me, following my cues, but my iPods and car stereo are surrogates. In 2009, I sat in my home office writing stories to the mutating repetitions of Philip Glass and John Adams, to the stately cello suites of J.S. Bach and to the deep grooves of organ-guitar combos led by Grant Green, Joey DeFranceso, Dr. Lonnie Smith and others.

When I drove around town, I played Buddy and Julie Miller incessantly. I also revisited the short glorious legacy of grievous angel Gram Parsons, ending with his sublime duets with the young Emmylou Harris. I became fascinated with a Danish CD of Count Basie’s radio broadcasts from a New York club in 1941. What a great reminder that jazz was, first of all, popular dance music….

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