I’ll Drink To That

This Madison Magazine piece was fun to write–an encomium to Restaurant Magnus mixed with New Urbanist reflections on the making of  great urban spaces. The story begins:

Apparently I’ve lived too long. I’ve outlasted another bar, and at my age that’s trouble. Like true love, a good bar calls for a lifelong relationship. But Restaurant Magnus, after a thirteen-year run on East Wilson Street, has died and left me befuddled like some widowed geezer. Me, date again?The always comfortable Harmony covers my east-side needs. But I’m in search of a new downtown hangout. Will it be Johnny Delmonico’s? Capitol Chophouse? Sardine? Genna’s? The soon-to-be-open Tempest Oyster Bar? Or Natt Spil? I don’t know, I just don’t know.

What I do know is this: As a freelance writer I need a Magnus-like place to meet sources. I spend most of the day in sweatpants, torn T-shirts and bunny slippers staring at a computer screen and working the phone in my daughter’s old bedroom (my office!).

To read more about drinking, hanging out and journalism, please go here.

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2 Comments on “I’ll Drink To That”

  1. George Hesselberg Says:

    Marc, your lunch budget surpasses the normal freelancer. Magnus? I think not. More like my favorite, Mildred’s, where an afternoon can quickly disappear beneath the branches of urban scrub trees that umbrella the uneven deck in back. Alas, no booze allowed.
    Those early days you describe – and in which I too participated enthusiastically, overly perhaps – were before the micro-manipulators who now govern newsroom budgets and time cards (of all things). I invented “The Last Gasp” for a time, literately and literally, just to nudge the muse. Rest in pieces.

  2. meisen Says:

    Time cards? Ugh. I guess you get overtime, right?

    Just to clarify: Magnus wasn’t open for lunch. I usually ate dinner at the bar,which was a deal compared to the dining room prices.

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