The Contortionists On The Train

Both the proposed  Madison-Milwaukee train line and the Dane County commuter rail  project are close calls, but in this Isthmus column I argue both are worthy of support.

Here’s how the column begins:

Local politics, lately, are kind of like a funhouse mirror. Everything is weirdly distorted.

Take the recent push to force a commuter rail referendum on the November ballot. Advocates say the public must vote on whether to impose a half-cent sales tax for transit purposes. Fair enough, but just one problem:

How can you have a meaningful vote on a plan that doesn’t exist yet?

Well, you can’t. But that’s probably the point. Those advocates — including my friend the blogger David Blaska — seem to fear a real referendum on a fully spelled out transit plan. My theory: They’re afraid they’ll lose….

For more. please go here.

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