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A Troubling Change At City Hall

February 4, 2011

My reportorial interests of late have focused on economic development and the role of public employees. In the case of Tim Cooley’s resignation, the two came together in this column for Isthmus.

In government, bad news often comes on Friday afternoons, in hopes it will be lost in the weekend shuffle.

So it was telling that as the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend began on Jan. 14, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz’s office released economic development director Tim Cooley’s resignation letter — a mere two weeks’ notice.

Every City Hall employee knew the significance of Cooley’s announcement: His two-year probationary period was ending in February, and he was leaving before the ax fell.

Cooley’s departure is bad news on several counts. Most tellingly it revealed that, nearing his eighth year in office, the mayor has yet to put together a sustained jobs-growth strategy.

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